We help employees build a personality, not just a career. At NIA Software INDIA it’s all about learning new things, upgrading your skills, applying new ideas and maintaining a perfect work-life balance. This in turn helps you excel on all fronts, be it professional or personal. At NIA, you work alongside some of the brilliant minds and best-in-class technology while architecting futuristic and sustainable solutions. Here even the smallest of the ideas are valued, nurtured and explored of its potential. Do we succeed every time? Probably not. But this definitely helps keep the innovation ball rolling within the organization and get you excited to attempt the impossible and unordinary, every single day.

you can sharpen your acumen, apply your knowledge, and re-invent yourself by working on diverse challenges and opportunities. You will be a part of a great working environment, where you will be able to grow and advance your career. Our open and interactive environment allows employees to nurture as professionals. Our work culture not only encourages our people to take challenging roles and responsibilities but also deliver with excellence and innovation.


We welcome referrals of any candidates who would make an outstanding addition to the NIA team. We are looking for professionals committed to creating, developing, and implementing innovative technology and business solutions for our customers. NIA will pay a referral bonus to employees/consultants for candidate referrals for contract or full-time positions. The amount of the bonus will be based on the candidate’s qualifications, credentials, level of experience, and market demand.

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